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Argyle Cabinetry is proud to announce software designed by cabinet-makers for use by anyone with a desire to improve thier work.


Are you looking for the formula to find a radius?  Here it is:
Radius of a circle = C squared plus H squared divided by two times H.
Where C equals 1 /2 the full chord length and H equals the height from the chord to the arc.
Do you want more information on how to use it in real life CAD drawings?  Then click this link to go to an article I wrote several years ago.

Now available in the iTunes store is ArgyleCalc for the iPad. This new software app has a great new tool for calculating the layout for fluted columns or moldings!  Just wait till you see and use it,  I love it and I Know you will too.

 The app for the iPad is perfect for  woodworking projects, especially division and spacing of fluted column and moldings.   ArgyleCalc - Argyle Cabinetry Inc.

 This iPhone app will help you set up a miterbox and calculated angles. AngleCalc - Argyle Cabinetry Inc.

This iPhone app is a great seller and will calculate a radius for you, perfect for many construction projects. RadiusCalc link


Here is an idea you may like. How would you like to make your own iPhone/iPad ebook?

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click on this link to review a product to help you do just that. Simply read what this company offers and buy thier product to make your own apple app eBook!
 Here is a review about RadiusCalc from a user in the UK !!!

Chirpychippy - ★★★★★

by Well impressed joiner - Version 1.1 - 03 July 2010

Purpose made joiners who make anything with with a radius involved should get this. Saves so much time on the calculator having to input time consuming "intersecting chords formula" and I've found the results spot on every time. Reported incompatibility with IOS 4 with the developer and 1 week later the app is back working. Genuine developers like this is what the app store needs more of. Five stars for both the app and the customer service from me.


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